Monday, 30 January 2012

Review: Rasetsu [Manga] By Chika Shiomi

Genre: Comedy, Shoujo, Mystery and Supernatural

Tankoubon(Volumes): 09 -  Completed

Chapters: 36

Released: 2005 to July 2010

Age Rating: Older Teen (16+)

Published By (US): Shojo Beat


Yakou Hoshino has the ability to create barriers made of water. He then lends his powers to a ‘ghost buster’ company led by a woman named Rasetsu. Though Rasetsu has mysteries of her own including the fact that she’s cursed by an evil spirit, and that she’s the spitting image of Yakou’s guardian ghost.

My Thought:

Rasetsu is consider a shojo manga, also its a spinoff  of the series Yurara; this manga is about a girl Rasetsu who in hunted by a very evil spirit when she was fifteen, and then he marked her as his and told her that he will come back for her when she is 20 unless she can find her true love … of course she tried to find her true love but really she need to learn not to scare guys and make them run away every time she try to talk to them.

Rasetsu after she learn about the spirit plan she went into a shock, I don’t blame her honestly … anyway, she was saved by a guy how visit her in the hospital and told her that if she don’t want the evil spirit to have her she need to be stronger and fight him when the time come … so she drop out of school and went to him to his agency which is a ghost hunt place and she start working as a spirit hunter.

There are two male involved in this manga Yako who work as librarian and who Rasetsu trick to make him work with her in the agency so he can take some of the work from her but throughout the story she falls in love with him but he is in love with a ghost who he met when he was a student; and Kuryu who love Rasetsu but very mystery person who doesn’t sleep or eat for the last couple of year. Kuryu and Yako are always fighting for no good reason all the time.

Overall, this manga is about ghost and I really like ghost story … fun, enjoyable and mystery … and I really like the art work :D 

Rating: 4.5/5

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